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Double-Take: Miroslava Vs Christine

By Heidi @missfinn
Miroslava Duma and Christine Centenera. I always look twice when I see pictures of these two women. They look uncannily similar, don't you think?

Double-Take: Miroslava vs ChristineDouble-Take: Miroslava vs ChristineMiroslava Duma on the left, and Christine Centenera on the right.

Double-Take: Miroslava vs ChristineSuper stylish and also very cute - in stature and in style, Miroslava Duma is a former fashion editor for Harper's Bazaar Russia, now freelance writer for various publications. I first came across Miroslava via Garance Dorè. Later, upon discovering Christine Centenera, whom I kept mistaking for Miroslava. I did eventually work out they were two different people, I mean it's obvious - they both dress so differently. I mean, duh Heidi!
Double-Take: Miroslava vs ChristineDouble-Take: Miroslava vs Christine
Double-Take: Miroslava vs Christine
Christine is a fashion editor for Harper's Bazaar Australia, she also works as a stylist and more recently collaborated with Kanye West on his debut Dw collection in Paris last season.
Double-Take: Miroslava vs ChristineChristine certainly isn't afraid to try something different to separate herself from the crowd (not unlike Taylor Tomasi Hill actually). She always accessorises with killer heels and strangely, is hardly ever photographed with a handbag. How does she do it?  
Image Sources: Wikifashion, Citizen Couture, The Sartorialist, Garance Dorè.

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