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Double It

By Maradam @laura_fash

Double itDouble itDouble itDouble itDouble it

Shirt, H&M // Jeans, Levi’s // Sandals, ZARA // Bag, unknown

Wednesday 22.12, wearing short sleeves, bare ankles and sandals. Just three  days ago I was wearing a coat and 2 scarfs ON the plane. I am starting to think they moved Spain to the Caribbean while I was away. Since I came back to my old closet, I mean house, I have been (over) thinking about how many clothes we have and how many we really need. I only brought one suitcase of clothes to the NL and I could live out of that for seven months. Maybe thanks to all the online shopping. Well, when I came back the first day I was only looking for a pair of pajamas and I discovered like 20 pairs that I didn’t even know about. Most of the clothes that I have here (in my walk-in closet, why the hell did I move to an apartment) I had never in 7 months thought about them before. I think I regretted more not having my favorite shampoo and conditioner. So, what do we really need and why do we keep on buying?


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