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Dot Latin, LLC Lays Out Its Plans For .Uno

Posted on the 09 October 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

Dot Latin LLC which announced on Wednesday, September 11, that it had formally entered into an agreement with ICANN to operate the .UNO, the new generic top-level domain (gTLD) .Uno today issued a press release to lay out its plans for the extension.

“.UNO will be the first new gTLD to launch that will globally connect and unite Hispanic and Latino communities, businesses, individuals and consumers in support of a bicultural and bilingual Internet,” states Shaul Jolles, CEO of Dot Latin. “.UNO will be an integral piece in the expansion of the Internet that will bring new opportunities and unlimited possibilities to the marketplace.”

“According to Pew Research Hispanic Trends Project, March 3, 2013, gains in the share of Latinos going online in the U.S. have been largely driven by growing shares of foreign-born Latinos and Spanish-dominant Latinos. Since 2009, Internet use rates among these groups increased 18% points and 27% points respectively.

“We know there is a digital divide that continues to grow among Hispanics. Here in the U.S. English-dominant Hispanics and native-born Hispanics are more likely to go online than Spanish-dominant and foreign-born according to research we’ve found.

Of the Hispanic media channels out there such as TV, radio, and print, the Internet ranks last for the Spanish-language dominant individual in terms of where they consume media. We want to change that. We want to make .UNO the number one domain choice for companies and organizations who want to reach the Spanish speaking population,” Jolles said.

According to an article published in Adweek, May 6, 2013, Hispanics are the Most Digitally Savvy Group.

The Hispanic market has been described as a marketer’s dream because they are digitally savvy, young and socially connected. They are very tech-forward. From a language perspective, the last Census reported that seventy-five percent of today’s Hispanics choose to speak Spanish at home.
This validates the need for .UNO.

“.UNO is the first step toward allowing sites to instantly be recognized by businesses and consumers looking for bilingual content and information that is culturally relevant.

We’ll also have many resources, history and reference materials available in Spanish.

.UNO will become the Spanish language Internet,” states Desiree Boxberger, Vice President of Operations, Policy and Compliance for Dot Latin LLC, the .UNO Registry. “We all know that, up to this point, most consumers, regardless of their language or culture, have relied on the “.COM” sites to search and interact within the online world.…

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