Dontcha Just Love Banks

Posted on the 24 January 2011 by Seabee
No, I'll be fair and not blame an inanimate object.
'A bank' doesn't get things wrong.
It's people. People stuff up.
People are the problem, and some of them are employed by banks.
I'll  link two events, a couple of months and thousands of kilometres apart. A visit to our Aussie bank back in December and a visit to our snail-mail PO Box in Dubai this morning.
Back in Oz in December, Mrs Seabee went into our bank to ask for a new cheque book, which we'd pick up from them.
Apparently 'the system' says that you can't, they have to snail-mail it to you.
Resignedly, Mrs Seabee replied: "OK. Send the new chequebook to our Australian address".
The bank clerk somehow heard: "Send a new Deposit Book to our Dubai PO Box".

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