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Dont Take Pain for Granted

By Alka Narula @narulaalka
Watching television the other day a show called my wierd disease or something like that, i realised how fortunate we are to feel pain.We take the pain we feel for granted and never realize how important is feeling pain in our life and i mean physical pain the pain that we feel when we are pricked by a needle or the pain we feel when we fall off the stairs and have our arm or leg fractured.The show i am talking about was bringing to light the story of a little girl 6years of age suffering from a rare disorder called congenital insensitivity to pain .For some reason in this disorder the connection between the nerves that sense pain and the brains recognition of pain is not there,the little girl when she was 3years of age poked her eyes with her finger so much that her eyes got partially damaged she now wears specially made glasses which are taped on to her by her parents so that she doesnt poke her eyes again,the reason she poked was because she couldnt feel any pain while doing so and it was like a normal activity for her like rubbing our palms together may be for us.once she suffered a fracture and it went un-noticed for a week because she didnt feel the pain and her parents coudnt tell until the fractured limb started to swell.
"We decided to pull her teeth because she was mutilating her fingers," her father said
 By the time she was 2½, she had been injured and hospitalized multiple times. At age 2, she broke her jaw and didn't know it until infection caused a fever. To treat the infection, she had to be on  medication for six weeks.
"You'd look away for one second, you'd look back and she'd have her fingers in her eye You're watching your child go blind right in front of you." her mothers words
Its a curse to not feel pain,because pain teaches us alot in life.god forbid if someone suffering from this disorder gets an electric shock they wont even understand whats going on.To not feel pain may seem like a boon to many of us but in reality  for those suffering from it its nothing more than a curse.

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