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Donald Trump, DON'T Do Black Americans Any More of Your "favors"!

Posted on the 28 September 2016 by Doggone
There was no positive thing done by Donald Trump for ANY Americans, least of all black Americans in promoting birtherism, or in the goal of birtherism to de-legitimize the first black President by attacking his citizenship.
That is a spin too far.
Rather than quote his self-congratulatory toxic sludge, here is the video of the worst of his comments during the debate.

Hat tip to the Washington Monthly for the video link that demonstrates the reality of black American feeling, with which Trump is dangerously, tragically out of touch.  This kind of thinking portends policies that will incite a firestorm of racial unrest, the furthest possible antithesis of national healing.
I commend the eloquence of Mr. Thurston's video.

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