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Don't Make This Mistake

By Albert Wagner @albertwagner4
In a previous the meaning of life was examined as learning the things a person needs to learn to prepare to spend eternity with God.  

This post examines a hypothesis about the meaning of life.  It involves one of the things a person needs to learn to spend eternity with God.

It is the hypothesis that the meaning of life is a person lives until they realize there are no easy answers to "human"  problems.

After all the same types of problems have plagued humans for countless generations:  Sickness, poverty, divorce, murder, adultery, etc. If there were easy answers the world would be a different place.  Do YOU want these things?

The Meaning Of Life - Take 3

Maybe, just maybe, God wants people to learn their dependence.  That is a dependence on other humans and a dependence on God.

One theological view on why humans need food to eat is that is brings people together.  Even if you slaughtered an animal and ate it ancient times who provided the animal in the first place?  

God might (in his infinite wisdom) let people make mistakes and learn by doing, which is more powerful than words.  

Don't make this Mistake
The Bible is not intended just to be read.  It is intended to be lived.

It is even more complicated than that.  For example an action that seems to have GOOD points probably also has BAD points, even if it is not obvious at the time.  For instance, what if the War On Poverty actually worked in the 1960's?  Good, you might say.

Is It Bad or Good?

A subtle point, however, is that a person can learn a lot and become stronger from being in the situation of poverty. (It is not that it is good in itself). Without it would people learn perseverance in the same way, the strength from experience, or the value of earning on their own?  Being in poverty could open a person's creative genius to find solutions that otherwise could be closed and dormant.

Isn't necessity considered the mother of invention?

The ways God turns bad things into good things is often not comprehended by people. 

If everything in this world was good then there would be no such thing as bad.  Thus, there would be no such thing as good.  It would all just be. 

The Spiritual Journey - Searching For Answers

In a spiritual journey bad things sometimes produce good things.  In the end there is Judgment Day and your "bad" experiences on earth might benefit you then.

As it was stated in an Our Daily Bread publication (RBC. Publications),

"Heaven is your real estate."

This means that what we learned when we were younger is not necessarily true.  That is, "If it feels good, do it" is not necessarily good advice to govern your life.

A likely response to this is for one to ask about those who die at a young age.  Humans can have a lot of opinions about this, but in the end it is up to God only.

It IS a hypothesis being put forth in this post.

In other words, don't make the mistake of thinking you have all the answers.
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Author:   Albert Wagner

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