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Don’t Get G.A.S.

By Sjbedard @sjbedard

I want to encourage those reading this to try and not get G.A.S., by which I mean Grumpy Apologist Syndrome.  From time to time, I hear apologists speaking and my first thought is: “Wow, this person is really grumpy.”  To tell the truth, I understand how this happens.  Sometimes we hear the same arguments over and over, we get the same thoughtless accusations, we encounter the same kinds of people who want to consume our time.  I know that I have been there.  You carefully go through your explanation and it is as if the person did not hear (or read) a word that you have said.  This leads to more and more grumpiness.

Grumpiness will lead to decreasing effectiveness as an apologist.  People hear the frustration in our voices and they begin to tune out from our words.  It also decreases our motivation to express Christian truth.

Thankfully, there is a cure for G.A.S.  You do not have to be grumpy.  There are things that you can do.  One is to not take things so seriously.  Have a sense of humor and try to find the joy in the little things.  Also, know when to take a break.  When people are pushing you and your patience is being tested, take a break from the conversation.  You also should remember that there are times when you have to end conversations.  There are joy suckers in every area of life.  There are certain people who will drain us of all motivation and energy.  We do not have to let them do that.  Set boundaries for yourself.  Know when to say ‘no.’  Feel free to stop talking to certain people.

G.A.S. is no fun for anyone.  Take the steps to avoid G.A.S. and enjoy apologetics as the fun and fulfilling activity that it can be.

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