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Don't Forget to Fill Your Cup

By Jessicavenoy @lovelyjesscuh
Honesty hour - this weekend was tough for me. Emotionally, I mean. We had to take Buck to the vet and it ended up costing a pretty penny (he is okay now though, so it was worth it). My doubts and fears about starting the grad school application process in just a few short months hit me. I felt bogged down, exhausted, and spread too thin.
Don't Forget to Fill Your CupI took a step back (and a deep breath) and assessed the situation. Why was I feeling so overwhelmed and anxious? Probably because I typically run myself into the ground. Aka I burn the candle at both ends. Aka I'm not the best at slowing down and appreciating myself and where I am. I'm always planning for the future. Whether it's what meals I'm going to be eating tomorrow or where Adam and I will be living this time next year - my mind is constantly in planning mode. And that can be a stressful thing.
Not only is it stressful, it causes me to miss out on the present and not fully get to appreciate and enjoy each day.
I'm figuring out that the best way for me to slow down, stop planning, and ground myself into the present is through journaling and reading. I've always had a special connection with reading and writing - since I was a little girl. As I've gotten older (and my plate has gotten fuller) I've let these simple joys fall to the wayside because I "just don't have time" for them.
But do you know what happens when you "don't have time" for doing things that make your soul soar and your heart burst with happiness? You become stressed. And burnt out. And exhausted. And unhappy. And do you know who can change that? YOU CAN.
You have got to make it a priority to fill your cup. How do you expect to pour into others or pour into your daily life tasks if your cup is empty?
Figure out a few things that fill your cup. Like I mentioned before, some of mine are journaling and reading. Here are some more of mine:
  • Stepping outside and taking in a deep breath of fresh air
  • Enjoying a cup of coffee
  • Taking a warm bath (don't forget a delicious bath bomb)
  • Walking my dogs
  • Sitting on the back patio with a glass of wine
  • Bike riding with my husband
  • Doing a face mask 
Some of these can be done in 30 seconds, while others are a little more time consuming. That means that whether I have a few seconds or a few hours to dedicate to filling up my cup that day, I have NO excuse. Make time to fill your cup up each day and watch how much joy and positivity flows into your life!
Tell me one thing that fills up your cup! I love hearing from you guys :)
xo, Jess

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