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Domain Movers:,, and More Domains

Posted on the 11 May 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

Domain Movers is an exciting series that is dedicated to domain detective work to uncover domain names on the move that have been registered, acquired or simply moving for one reason or another. Most of the following domain names have been acquired by large corporations.

These are often early discoveries, so I try my best to provide information with each domain name but sometimes due to it being so early, not much data is available. Here we go with the latest domain movers:

Covidien LP (Medtronic) has registered the domain name to add to its 900+ domain name portfolio.

Target Brands, Inc. has registered a large amount of domain name relating to its security breach and credit card data theft it had. Some of the domains registered are:,,,,,,, and to mention a few. has been sold according to whois records. The domain name was owned by Bentley Systems, Incorporated ( for a long time and went into whois privacy protection on November 26, 2014. On April 27, 2014 the domain came out of whois privacy and still registered at GoDaddy but now the registrant shows bing zhou and a email address of [email protected] has since transferred from GoDaddy to eName. I have reached out to Bentley Systems to see if they can share any details. Also to note, I did find a cached result showing that was listed for sale for $1,995,000.

To note, this is the 3rd very recent LL .com that I have detected to change ownership lately. In this May 7, 2015 domain movers article, I reported and as selling. has very likely sold according to whois records. The domain name was owned by owners Hangzhou Duomai E-Commerce Co.,Ltd and the domain name has since been transferred out of to and put under whois privacy protection.

According to whois records, Hangzhou obtained on or about February 25, 2015. The two most recent publicly reported NN .com domain name sales were $1,775,400 and $1,958,400. I also recently reported as selling, also by Hagzhou. has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain has been registered since February 21, 2000. The domain name was under privacy protection at Uniregistry. On April 28, 2015 the domain name switched to Transfer Service at Sedo. I wasn’t able to find a publicly reported sales price.

Johnson & Johnson registered several new domain names and those were:,, and and

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, INC listed a couple more domains for sale on Sedo, this time with a buy it now of $549. was listed for $899. has likely sold according to whois records. The domain was under whois privacy at eNom and the domain was parked with Sedo as of January 24, 2014. On January 26, 2014 the domain came out of whois privacy under a Doug Butscher of Cyber Click Media and using “” name servers. On May 27, 2014 the Registrant name changes from Doug to a Robert Deforest of Cyberclick Marketing Inc. On September 10, 2014 whois switches to a Jered Nussbaum of Dover, DE and an email address of [email protected] and still retains the winhost name servers.

October 26, 2014 Jared Nussbaum remains in whois but registrant email changed to [email protected] and name servers changed to January 20, 2015 the domain goes into whois privacy at eNom but retains the name servers April 30, 2015 name servers change once again but this time to and still remains under privacy.

The current website states: We’re building a secure marketplace where you can purchase everything for your residence.

Golfsmith International, Inc. has acquired the domain name from BuyDomains. Golfsmith has long owned which is owned by LP has transferred registrars from MarkMonitor to CSC Corporate Domains. The domain name redirects to which is owned by Sony Music Entertainment and has been for a long time and had a website for Britney Spears that basically looked like a blog, has changed the website and has a Britney Spears logo with a sign up box for email updates and social links on the top of the site. The domain has also switched hosting to CloudFlare.

Pfizer Inc. has registered the domain name

Mars, Incorporated has acquired the domain name from a Ryan Carver according to whois records. The domain name was registered on November 6, 2014, which was less than 6 months from registration to sale!

Hangzhou Duomai E-Commerce Co.,Ltd acquired, and in one day and also sold, and the same day. has changed ownership according to whois records. The domain changed registrants from an Ian Voyce to generic whois data and transferred from Network Solutions to CSC Corporate Domains. i4C Innovations, Inc. is a potential buyer, as they are a CSC client and own the .net domain. which was owned by Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd which was acquired by Akzo Nobel N.V. in 2007 has just now changed to Akzo in whois records to show they are the owners of the domain name. The domain is still redirecting to information about the 2007 change of ownership.

SPD Domain Names Inc. (Sony) registered the domain names / .net

Viacom International Inc. has registered the domain name

Mondelez International, Inc. acquired the domain name, which it acquired on November 22, 2013 from a Mark Tiderman according to whois records. Mondelez launched an advertising campaign using the term.

GoDaddy/Marchex Portfolio: I did a little digging to see some sales activity on GoDaddy’s recent purchase of the Marchex domain portfolio and here are some domains I have detected that have sold according to whois records: who was purchased by Access Technology Solutions. which is now redirecting to went into escrow at Afternic and has since transferred to eName.

Hulu, LLC has acquired the six number domain name from The domain had a $2,195 listing price. Hulu is running a miniseries based on the book 11/22/63/ by Stephen King starring James Franco and Sarah Gadon. has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains Client from TRAFFIC NAMES LTD, who had the domain parked with for sale message on top of the screen to call Afternic to purchase or click. That appears to be what took place as the domain went to Afternic Escrow and now generic CSC whois data.

Johnson & Johnson has registered the domain name and used a domain buy service to acquire from BuyDomains.

Jet Stream BV has acquired the domain name according to whois records. For many years the domain name had blank whois and was registered with 1&1 but has now transferred to Key-Systems.

“Jet-Stream is the award-winning market leader in Content Delivery Network technologies and intelligence” according to its site

Dropbox, Inc. has registered the domain name has changed registrant details according to whois records. The domain was listed as owned by “” and now is showing registrant details of Proofpoint, Inc. . is a Proofpoint company and redirects to, so no change in ownership took place.

Home Box Office, Inc. has registered the domain name

Western Union Holdings Inc. registered the domain name has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. The domain name was registered in May 2010 and was under whois privacy protection at GoDaddy and parked. The domain has since transferred to MarkMonitor. has been registered by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. Interesting to note, is available to register. has also been registered.

Time Inc. registered the domain names and They do not own the domain

eLance/oDesk which merged in 2014 have rebranded to Upwork. They have used domain name brand management company MarkMonitor to assist them in securing the domain name It is hard to detect the exact date the domain was acquired due to privacy on the domain, but [email protected] shows up in whois records on August 11, 2014. By August 12, 2014 the domain is moved to Dynadot under privacy protection.

The domain then transferred to Webnic on 2/25/2015 under [email protected] and a Modern Outlook S/B as the registrant. By March 16, 2015 the domain goes into DnStinations Inc. at MarkMonitor. By March 18, 2015 domain name servers were set to what they currently are today, with CloudFlare. The domain remains under the generic whois data of DnStinations Inc.

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