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Domain Movers:, and More

Posted on the 23 April 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

I can dig and dig the same amount of time that I do every day but that doesn’t mean I always find great domain names moving. This week has been a bit of a downer type week relating to “big” domain movers. I almost always can find several great one word .com domain movers that have been acquired by large companies but in this domain movers list, the big boys are lacking a little.

With that said, there are a lot more domains that are important than just the “eye candy” one word domains. Here we go with the latest domain movers that I discovered that have been acquired, registered or simply moving by large companies.

ConAgra Foods, Inc. has registered the domain name to add to its 1,800+ domain names under the ConAgra brand. was secured by Thomson Reuters Global Resources with the help of MontaguLaw, P.C. of New York. A trademark was filed for “Onvio” on May 24, 2005 by Onvio, LLC. A trademark for “Thomson Reuters Onvio” was filed April 18, 2014. was registered February 4, 2000 and has been owned by a Boa Dang since at least 2001.

Stanley Black and Decker, Inc. which owned the domain name, had the domain name transfer to a L. van den Berg with the organization of “MaxGrip” and the registrant email address [email protected]”. Stanley offers several hand tools behind the MaxGrip brand name. now resolves to and had been redirecting to and a page with MaxGrip pliers. There are 8 live exact match trademarks for the term MaxGrip according to has registered the domain name

Facebook Inc. registered several “At Scale” domain names relating to a conference/event. |.net|.org, |.net|.org and |.net|.org. The domain name was registered on July 31, 2014 under the generic whois data DNStination Inc. and is a full website.

@Scale is a series of technical conferences for engineers who build or maintain systems that are designed for scale.

Unilever acquired the domain name via an expired GoDaddy Auction. The domain was registered in 2012 and expired 9/29/2014 and went into privacy protection at GoDaddy. The domain has since displayed NetNames Limited as the registrant but has switched to Unilever domain name servers.

O’Reilly Media, Inc. registered several “O’Reilly Next” and conference domain names like:,,,,,,,,,, and

Computer Associates International, Inc. ( has registered the domain name

Vertical Axis Inc. has sold the domain name and it since has transferred to GoDaddy and would appear to be getting ready for a website on the domain as hosting servers have been set but the site doesn’t resolve yet.

Tucows has publicly listed the domain names:,,,, and for sale using parking with a for sale message atop the page.

Google Inc. has registered the domain name The domain was owned by Zen Internet prior to expiring on 11/3/2014 while being registered with Melbourne IT. The domain was registered with brand protection domain name registrar MarkMonitor and set to name servers, which is the default name server for the Google Domains registrar. has changed registrants from The New York Times Company to WNYC. WNYC is one of the oldest radio stations in the United States. was acquired by SPX Corporation when it acquired Yuba Heat Transfer LLC, which took place November 3, 2009. The domain came out of whois privacy at Network Solutions and transferred to MarkMonitor on 4/15/2015. acts as a “mask” on the domain name

ECO NATURE has acquired the domain name from for $2,995.

Time Inc. has acquired the domain name from a Lincoln H. according to whois records. The domain has been registered since 2003 and was registered at eNom and has since transferred to MarkMonitor.

DSM IP ASSETS B.V. ( has registered the domain name

PLR IP Holdings, LLC. registered the domain names and Both domains had been registered prior by individuals and expired.

The Procter & Gamble Company has registered the domain name They also registered |.net and to go with the .com they have owned since 2008.

Home Box Office, Inc. (HBO) has registered the domain name

NetNames client Erik Ward has listed the domain name for sale via with a Buy It Now of $15,000. which was registered August 7, 2014 at PDR under privacy, then transferred to Dynadot on 1/21/2015 under privacy and now has since transferred to MarkMonitor under the generic whois data DNStination Inc. On 12/12/2014 the domain names |.org|.info|.biz were all registered at MarkMonitor.

Virgin Enterprises Limited has acquired the domain name from a Arvind Reddy who had the domain parked with Sedo. The domain has been registered  since April 27, 2006. Co has sold the domain name to a currently unknown buyer. The domain appears to be getting ready to launch a website, so we will likely know who the buyer is when it launches.

Microsoft has registered the domain name The domain name went into privacy protection on September 15, 2014 at Network Solutions and was owned by Job Application Company at the time. has since launched as a website and is displaying technology to guess your age by uploading a photo.

Saban Brands, LLC has sold the domain name according to whois records to Beijing ShenQi Technology Co., Ltd. had been redirecting to

Hasbro, Inc. allowed the domain name simply to expire and the domain was removed from the registry and grabbed on the drop by The domain had been registered since 1996 prior to expiring.

Yahoo! acquired a start up called ClarityRay in August 2014 and one of the domains owned by ClarityRay was which has now transferred to Yahoo!.

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