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DOKUMENTAR: Mini-portfolio Book

By Flemmingbo

DOKUMENTAR is Danish for documentary — the rest of the Danish language is not quite that easy. I recently created a small mini-portfolio book, 40 pages, 40 images of documentary work from the past year. The idea is to always carry this book, every day, so whenever I am out shooting and want to convey to people I meet what I’m after, what I’m doing, I have this book. It’s a Blurb tradebook, 6×9 inches, and nicely thin and light being only 40 pages.

The book uses a rotated spread as you can see and that works quite well. Book making is ridiculously fun and addictive, it does not always have to be 3-5 month massive projects like my previous two books, this one was done in 2 very fun creative hours of editing, sequencing and bookmaking. I look forward to showing this to people in the field as I work and try to convey what I am doing, what I’m looking for, hoping this will help break down barriers, build trust and start communication (as far as I’m able to communicate with humans that is!).

DOKUMENTAR: Mini-portfolio book

You can purchase the book for 15 EUROS from Blurb, click here.

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