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Doing It "just Because"

By Alizasherman @alizasherman

CoffeecupsI haven't had a good cup of coffee at Starbucks in years, probably since their massive expansions when Starbucks became less of a treat and more like an omnipresent reminder that we are settling for less. At some point, the pride taken in each cup of coffee turned into a factory line production of sub-par beverages and experiences. 

What's worse about inspiration and passion being squeezed out of the coffee-making? That we still stand in long lines waiting for our cup of mediocrity. Why do we do it?

Convenience, mostly. And bad habit.

When you start to do things en masse or by rote, some of the delightful and meaningful aspects of what you are doing can be gradually - or abruptly - eliminated. You can apply that to anything you're doing in your life or your work. 

Think of how you are using social media in your communications and interactions. Do you have a checklist, a daily calendar, an automated tool, and some theories that there are formulas to your conversations? Stop what you are doing, take a deep breathe, and rethink your approach.

We are human beings wanting to connect. And eventually, we will get wise to the burnt coffee you're serving up as fresh.

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