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Dogs and Their People Have Similar Personalities

By David13676 @dogspired

Dogs and Their People Have Similar PersonalitiesArgumentative people tend to go for aggressive dogs, while those who are more easygoing choose friendly pets like retrievers.

It’s not a coincidence that fiery former footballer Roy Keane is rarely to be seen without a sizable dog or two – or that former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell favors much smaller, fluffier dogs.

Researchers from the University of Leicester asked 235 adults which were their favorite dog breeds and asked them to fill out a test which assessed their personality.

The study concluded that your dog is actually an extension of who you are – and that your choice of dog can reflect your personality in rather surprising ways.

The dogs were the 10 most popular breeds in the UK including Labrador retriever, English cocker spaniel, West Highland white terrier, border terrier, German shepherd, boxer and Staffordshire bull terrier.

The canines were then rated according to how aggressive they are with terriers the most aggressive and cocker spaniels the least.

The results showed that those people who are less likely to be concerned with the welfare of others, were more competitive and less friendly tended to like aggressive dogs.

Younger people tended to go for more aggressive dogs too.

In a surprising twist, conscientious people were also more likely to go for more fearsome pet.

Psychologist Vincent Egan, the lead author of the study, told LiveScience: ‘I think that given a choice, people select things they like.

Choosing to have an aggressive dog is due to the person making the choice; the dog is not foisted on you.

‘If a dog is selected as a symbol of intimidation and a possible weapon, it is not being selected as a companion, or a playmate.’

He added: ‘This type of study is important, as it shows assumptions are not the whole picture.

‘It is assumed owners of aggressive dogs, or dogs perceived as aggressive, are antisocial show-offs.’

A previous study from the University of Bath showed that people really do look like their dogs – because we are drawn to pets with similar physical attributes.

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