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Dog on Front Porch

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The brunette twin's backpack fell apart one day.  Two zippers wouldn't work, so she couldn't close it.  I knew when we bought it that it wouldn't last like the LL Bean backpack she had through five school years, but I didn't think it would fall apart in the middle of a school year. 
The new book carrier of choice was a messenger bag.  She picked out her favorite from the LL Bean sale website.  A few days later it arrived.  She's thrilled.  She carried it like it's the best thing she has ever seen.  I'm thrilled because I know the LL Bean bags are tough enough to survive a few years with her.
The blond twin lobbied for a new messenger bag as well.  Her logic was that her backpack is the same kind as her sister's and clearly wouldn't make it through the school year either.  I didn't really agree as the brunette twin is a lot tougher on her stuff than the blond twin.  Still, I did have a nagging feeling that she might be correct and bought her a messenger bag as well.  Hers came from a different company.  Every day after school the first thing she asked was, "Is my messenger bag here?"
Today she brought in the mail and I started laughing.  It turns out her messenger bag should have arrived today.  On the delivery notification card were the words "DOG ON FRONT PORCH!"
Of course, the postal carrier was correct.  It was so muddy in the backyard that I put Oreo on the front porch for a while.  He likes to be outside, but there was no way I was putting him in the back to play in the mud.
The postal carrier had to get nearly to our front porch before he could have seen Oreo.  True to form, Oreo didn't even bark when he saw the carrier.  If he had, I would have gotten the package from the carrier.
Now the blond twin is really mad at me.  I'm not sure how this is my fault, but we know she'll never blame Oreo.  Maybe I shouldn't have laughed when she read the postcard, huh?

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