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Dog Health: Ear Infection

By Synzmemoir @synzmemoir
Dog Health: Ear Infection
Recently, I've noticed a lot of wounds in Oreo's ear. At times it would disappear and after awhile, it comes back again. I observe it for a month or so and realize that it was some kind of allergy that cause it. So I stop giving him something that would trigger his allergies and start treating his wounds. Anyways, I thought I might share a little information I've learned about this one.
Dog Health: Ear Infection Dogs can commonly acquire ear infections or wounds. There are a lot of different causes, and the treatment varies from dog to dog. If you can identify what causes your dog's ear wound, then it will be a lot easier for you to treat him.
Signs that your dog might have ear infection: 
  • constant scratching and rubbing of the ear
  • foul odor coming from the ear
  • changes in behavior: tirediness, lack of appetite, and irritability
  • redness of  the inner ear

  • Allergy-- Your dog may have food allergies you didn't know. Observe what he eats, by then you'll know what food he'll get allergies from. 
  • Parasite-- Check your dog's ear for ear mites or any parasite. Usually dog can acquire them especially if their ears are big and touches the floor. 
  • Trauma-- There are certain accidents that can cause trauma. It might also be caused by fighting with cats that left wounds untreated. 

  • If your dog's ear infection is caused by a food allergy, then restrain him from eating that kind of food. 
  • If its parasite, clean your dog's ear and apply medication. Apply medication that your veterinarian prescribed you. There are also shampoos available in the market that you can use. REMEMBER: Always consult your vet before giving or applying any medication to your dog. 
  • If your dogs have ear wounds that left untreated, treat it regularly. You can apply betadine. Its fine to use this medication on your dog. 
Hope this gives you an idea how to deal with that ear infection or wound on your dog. Oreo has been doing great and I started restraining him from eating food that can trigger his allergies. His wounds have been healing , and I'm happy it did. 

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