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Dog Games

By Dogercise

It’s important to have games to play with your dog, especially if there’s bad weather outside and you can’t exercise them.  This game is great for dogs big and small.  It also teaches obedience, and self control.  First off you need small treats and the biggest room in the house/apartment.  Show Fido the treat but don’t give it to him.  Put Fido on a ‘stay’ or ‘wait’ command and let him see you put the treat somewhere in the room.  Take one step away and say ‘Find It’ while encouraging him to come to you and get the treat.  Next time you do this take a couple steps away.  Repeat as many times as needed for the dog to understand ‘find it’.  You can then come all the way back to your dog or on the opposite side of the room as the treat and say ‘find it’.

dog games

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Fido will probably need some help at first, but will pick up fast because it involves food!  Make sure you mix it up though, moving around to different places.  Gradually venture into other rooms and eventually hiding the treat where Fido can’t see and has to actually find it.  When first trying it in another room though, don’t advance too fast.  You should still say ‘find it’ next to the treat again and working your way through all the rooms!  This is a great command for your dog to learn and a fun indoor activity for stimulation when there’s bad weather.  Eventually you can use objects for the find it and go outside where it is really difficult because of all the smells!

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