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Does Your Facebook Page Need More Attention?

By Scarlettandstephen
Does your Facebook page need more attention?

At a recent bible study Scarlett & I attended, I was chatting with one of our new friends about the power of Facebook.  As I told him we had almost 100,000 post views to our Facebook page and just over 1,100 in the first 2 weeks of our launch, he immediately wanted to know how to do the same for his Facebook page to attract more clients.  He is the owner of his own company and understands how quickly the internet is changing and with this, there is a whole new world through blogs & Facebook to capture a new client base. He explained how he has a Facebook Page for his business that someone else set up for him. He has no idea on how to build a Facebook page the correct way, directing fans to his page, building iFrame tabs & what are the right ways to interact with those who comment & like. I responded with excitement because the answer to all of his questions is something I love focusing on, the creation, direction & growth of Facebook Pages for business. I’ve enjoyed studying Facebook and love sharing the different ways it can benefit YOUR business.

Whether you are a photographer or any business owner, one of the core things to understand with designing an effective Facebook page to attract more clients, and even your blog too, is asking yourself the question, “Do I have a Call to Action” in place for my visitors?

There are two potential areas to install a Call to Action right now, at this moment. A Facebook landing page that serves as a Call to Action AND a Call to Action on your blog that furthers a conversation.

Lets look into both for a moment.

1. Call to Action on Facebook

On your facebook page, you can program a “landing page” for your visitors that’ll become a Call to Action. This is created by a JPEG image you put together that explains your brand and through what is called an iFrame, you can place into your page. Inside of your landing page can be videos, images, a message from you, etc. Here is a phenomenal example of a Facebook Call To Action that Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser put together on his page:

Does your Facebook page need more attention?

A few things to point out that are great with this Call to Action: Bob marks out the benefits of his product, shows the product so you know what to look for in the store, has buttons that explain where you can get in touch with Bob (YouTube & Twitter) & has a video embed so you can get a personal message from Bob himself. Most importantly, It has an arrow pointing to the “like” button. Visitors are given an experience within the page and are told what to do next if they choose to continue into a conversation with Bob.

2. Call to Action on Your Blog

When a visitor comes to your blog. They view the most recent post, stumble around your content, watch a video and then prepare to leave a comment. Once they leave their comment, are they given choices on the blog of what they can do next? On our blog, we made sure that there was clearly seen Call to Action’s available. Clearly marked are buttons that allow the viewer to link this post, subscribe to our newsletter, LIKE us on FB and most importantly, a large button that allows the bride to “Contact us to shoot their wedding.” In the comment box, when a user leaves a comment, it is immediately published to their page for all their friends to see! (See what I’m talking about below this post!)

5 Easy tips to remember when coming up with your Call to Action

1. Use one of the following words within your CTA to attract the user to take the next step: Call, Buy, Register, Subscribe, Like, Donate

2. Create urgency within your CTA. You want them to get on board now.

3. Make sure you place your immediate message in their first line of sight.

4. Make your CTA STAND OUT visually and not get lost in the design.

5. Keep it simple and don’t make things busy.

So how exactly DO you create a Call To Action on your own Facebook page? Could your Facebook Page use a little more attention? Are you ready to attract more clients? Are you still clueless what the point is between a Group page and a Like Page?   I have SO much more to share about how you can maximize the most for your business with your Facebook page, and because it’s too much for a blog entry, I’ve put together a 60-minute live webinar that I’m hosting this coming Tuesday, July 26 at 8pm EST to walk you through all the important steps.  In the 60 minutes we have together, we’ll be covering:

*Steps covered on how to build a FB Page
*Defining your “Call to Action” online to attract more clients
*Building a welcome page & custom info page
*Taking things to the next step with effective Facebook Ad’s
*How to study Facebook Analytics
*How to use Twitter & Foursquare integrated with Facebook in your business
*Using additional Facebook applications to direct traffic
*Easy coding iFrames & Static HTML

$39 to watch webinar live and ask questions


Limited seats are available! Don’t miss out. Your Facebook page will thank you for the extra love!

Does your Facebook page need more attention?
It wouldn’t be fun to host the webinar without giving away a FREE seat! Here’s the contest rules:

1. Go “like” our FB page at

2. Tweet this: 

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If you don’t have a Twitter, you will need to sign up anyway.  I’ll be explaining why in the webinar! :-)  And feel free to tweet this as many times as you want to increase your chances, but please don’t annoy your followers with too much repetition!

3. Register for the webinar here.  At the beginning of the live webinar, the winner will be chosen and announced via the #scarlettandstephen in everyone’s tweets, and if you win, we’ll simply refund your money after the webinar is over!  

Lastly, I want to leave you with this powerful video about the stats of Facebook and how the world is obsessed with it.  It’s pretty incredible!

Does your Facebook page need more attention?

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