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Does Your Blog Name Affect Your Blog? {Discuss #9}

By Littlebookstar @LittleBookStar


Isn’t it so hard to come up with a blog name? I know for other people it is, and sometimes you just want to rename your blog after you chose it. I understand you! For me it wasn’t hard to come up with my blog name, though. I knew right off the bat that I wanted my blog name to be Little Book Star. But I didn’t know my options would be so limited.

Yes. My blog name definitely affects my blog. Little Book Star. I feel like my blog has to have ‘stars’ as a layout because my blog name has that word. If I change my blog’s design into apples and rabbits, that wouldn’t really match my blog’s name. Although I like the name of my blog, sometimes I don’t like it because I’m limited on what I could do for my blog’s appearance, you know? I shouldn’t be limited on what I should do because it’s my own dang diggity blog. Why would I let a blog name rule over my ideas? But I feel like it is!

Have any of you felt this way? Have you ever thought of “OOOH! I WANT TO CHANGE MY LAYOUT INTO AN UNDER THE SEA THEME” but then your blog name is like “Bacon and Books” which rocks.

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