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Does Life Seem Like Too Much Sometimes?

By Albert Wagner @albertwagner4
Every 3 seconds a baby is born somewhere in the world.
Does life seem like too much sometimes?
A newborn baby seems like a joyous occasion, doesn't it?  The Miracle Of Life at work.
But - is it all joy?  Wouldn't a loving God provide its' creation joy?
We all know life has its' downs with its' ups (unfortunately).  The downs are so much that this quote is found in the Bible,
"For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."
- Romans 3:23

The word "all" is pretty inclusive and can get a person to think (like these posts are meant to do).
This post looks at the perspective of what things could cause ALL humans to sin and what the result of that is. 
Is this saying that not one person out of the more than 100 billion of people who ever lived has lived sin free?  Actually, yes it is.
0 out of 100,000,000,000 is not very good odds, any way you slice it.
This can't be an accident.  There must be more to it and this post looks at some potential reasons.
If we take any one of those babies born every 3 seconds in the world and look closer what do we find?
The Realistic Life For A Human
First of all that baby pictured above did not ask to be born into this world, or have any choice in the matter.
As an infant it will hopefully be taken care of.  What happens later?
That baby (or any human for that matter) has to eventually face certain things if it lives long enough.  It will:
  • Start by facing school and things such as homework and peer pressure
  • Likely getting sick occasionally and feeling miserable during those times
  • Not getting along with their parents
  • Possibly face potential robbers, erratic drivers or bullies along the way
How about more?
  • Dealing with the weather (hot, cold, etc.)
  • Finding an appropriate career or life's work
  • Maintaining their health and their body (such as washing, cutting, etc.)
  • Somehow providing food, clothing, etc.
  • Encountering relationship difficulties
Keep in mind, as stated before, that this child did not have any choice of being born into the world.
Is it any wonder we ALL sin?
What is the point of the post?  Perhaps it is not surprising that we all end up sinning.  This being a human takes a lot just to survive. 
Are these excuses?  They could be viewed that way, but that is not the point of the post. 
Spiritual Guru Deepak Chopra looks into a similar notion in his post about Why God Lets Bad Things Happen To Good People.  The human life, which involves suffering to some extent, has been offered as a way to ask how there can be a loving God. 
Whether the things above are inherently bad is a different post.  Chopra's post likely involves things more like tragedy, but it all apples.  This post assumes the things listed above are bad in the sense that it is a lot to ask of someone by a loving God.
Author Commentary
Life can seem almost insurmountable at times.  There are reasons listed above that make it seem like being human is a difficult chore.
Opportunities to sin abound and it is something to be aware of.  It is something to be aware of because one sin can lead to other sins.  Life can become difficult when these pile up.
None of us are perfect. 
The good news is this.  When sins pile up and make life difficult someone stepped in and bore the burden of these sins for your salvation.
That person is Jesus Christ.
The takeaway is this: if life seems too much at times and sin is tempting, just remember you can not escape God's will or time table.  God definitely knows what you are facing and nothing surprises him: Nothing.

The key is to not get trapped in a cycle of sinning and doing what is wrong because you think it is too much.  From God's viewpoint suffering is not just for the sake of suffering, but also comes with redemption.

If you are patient and repent then God is working behind the scenes to make things come together for your good.  There is still a loving God.
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Does life seem like too much sometimes?
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