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Does It Pay To Be Famous?

Posted on the 21 January 2016 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl

Does It Pay To Be Famous?

When it comes to deciding what you want to do as your career, money inevitably plays a big factor in your decision-making process. After all, if you're going to work hard at something, you want to be financially rewarded for it. According to this study published in The Mirror, parents want their children to be teachers, doctors, astronauts and bankers, while children themselves hope to be models, footballers, musicians and celebrities. It's a sure sign that celebrity culture is giving the younger generation the impression that if you become famous, you're going to have a rich lifestyle. But does it always pay to be famous?

Does It Pay To Be Famous?
The richest celebrities

The amount of money some celebrities earn these days is ridiculous, with many earning more in a day than what most people earn in a year. According to Forbes however, Floyd Mayweather earned more per day than a lot of celebrities earn in a year, taking home a staggering $300 million in 2015. The second highest-paid celebrity on Forbes' list, fellow boxer Manny Pacquiao, took home just over half of that, which is still more than enough to last many lifetimes.

Successful celebrities who were never rich

We often think fame and fortune go hand in hand, although this isn't always the case, as a recent study shows. There are some on the list, like Charles Darwin, who were very wealthy indeed, while others, such as Jane Austen, made very little money from their great work - in the case of Jane Austen and many other successful people who have since died, she was nowhere near as successful in life as she would become in death, earning the majority of her fame and fortune in the centuries after her passing. Even though times are different, this list still shows that not everyone who's famous or successful is necessarily rich and the relationship between fame and fortune isn't so clear cut.

The longevity of celebrity careers

Celebrity careers can also be short-lived. Remember that catchy song from 5 years ago? What happened to the singer? What are they doing now? Lots of celebrities experience success very quickly but then the work dries up just as quickly as it came. In other words, once you're in the spotlight, there's no guarantee you're going to stay in the spotlight - in fact, while the majority of celebrities enjoy their '5 minutes of fame', it's only a rare few that are able to keep themselves in the limelight. The glitz and glamour of the celebrity lifestyle may seem attractive, but it's no more steady and secure than job or career away from the spotlight.

Does It Pay To Be Famous?
Should you aim for a career in the spotlight?

If you're thinking of a career in the spotlight, remember that becoming famous does not necessarily mean you're going to become rich. Many people work their way up the career ladder and don't start earning their highest annual wage until they're in their 30s or 40s. For this reason, many people want to be famous because they think it's a sort of get rich quick scheme, especially since there are lots of younger celebrities who are successful and rich in their own right. The most important thing to bear in mind is that for every celebrity who earns $1 million, there are many more people trying to do just that.

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Does It Pay To Be Famous?

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