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Does Faith Exist?

By Switpie @SwitPaie
In 2010 I went to Sweden for an exposure program. It was my first time to be out of the country. To a totally different world from where I live. As a tourist, first thing that I noticed was the environment, the people, the weather, the food. From my point of view, people living in the place must be beautiful/handsome, and white, and lovely. Then I get to learn their culture from the briefing area until our immersion. It is also when I get to know that despite their richness, only few knows God. I was deeply saddened to know some people do not know God or Jesus. I conducted an activity one time, with their youth, and I ask them “Is there anybody here knows where the Child Jesus was born?”, I was surprised, nobody answered. I asked them “Who is Jesus’ mother?”, still nobody answered. So I just started the activity introducing Jesus. In one of the seminars I attended, I was not able to hold myself but cry in the middle of the crowd as I share my experience and my insight for the scripture of that day. I just can’t imagine there exist people who do [...]

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