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Doctor Who 7.04-The Power of Three

Posted on the 27 September 2012 by Jimblack78
Doctor Who 7.04-The Power of Three
What happens when the Doctor decides to stay with the Ponds?  An invasion of course.  The catch this time is that little black boxes appear all over the Earth...and do nothing.  Months later they have still not done anything.  But then things go bad...

"The Power of Three" is basically a day (or in this case) a year in the life of the Pond family.  Amy and Rory are trying to adapt to a normal lifestyle without the Doctor.  When the little boxes appear, so does the Doctor.  With the assistance of Rory's father (Brian from the "Dinosaurs in a Spaceship" episode) and the revitalized U.N.I.T. led by the daughter of an old friend, the gang is finally able to confront the menace.

What menace could little black boxes embody?  When they go into action, they steal the energy from the closest person's heart.  In one quick attack, one third of the human race dies.

One of the scenes that qualifies this episode for the R.I.P. Challenge is also a quiet one.  Brian asks the Doctor what happened to his previous companions. With the saddest look on his face, he admits that some of his companions have died.  The reason the Doctor came to stay with the Ponds was he wanted to spend time with them before "their light faded".  He realizes that this is a downside to living a very long life.  Human length life spans means you will be saying goodbye to many friends.

This Saturday is the final episode of the Fall season.  It is also the last episode for the Ponds.  With the theme of races, etc. being exterminated, it does not look good for them.  And the preview reveals that the Weeping Angels have returned not for the Doctor but for Amy.  

The Doctor, Amy, Rory team has been excellent.  I know I will be glued to the television for their farewell.  Hopefully, the door will be left open for them to return but it does not look good.

Doctor Who 7.04-The Power of Three

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