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Doctor Who 7.03-A Town Called Mercy

Posted on the 21 September 2012 by Jimblack78
Doctor Who 7.03-A Town Called Mercy
The Doctor accidentally lands in a town in the American West c. 1870 where he discovers an alien, Jex, acting as the town's doctor, who is being sought by the Gunslinger, a cyborg. 

Moffat is covering all of the genres this season.  First was the terror of insane robots, next was dinosaurs on a spaceship, now we get a cyborg Judge Dredd in the old west.  And he finds a way to make it all work.
Once again going the Doctor shows that he is loosing touch without a companion.  Amy and Rory are with him for this adventure but it has been awhile since he last visited them.  The Doctor starts to adopt more of the Judge Dredd attitude.  He has decided to start standing up for the rights of the victims of the criminals.  Once again, Amy has to "bring him back" to what he stands for.  She reminds him that they have to be better than the ones they are out to stop.  
Doctor Who 7.03-A Town Called Mercy

The death theme continues.

Episode 1-death of a world.

Episode 2-death of a race.
Episode 3-death of half of a race and the ones who killed them.

It does not sound good for the exit of Amy and Rory in two weeks.  The Doctor has commented on the bad endings for most of his companions.  He looks sad when things slow down and he sees Amy and Rory.  He knows that the odds of them surviving go down with each interaction with him.

On the lighter side, the Doctor mentions his Christmas list for the second week in a row.  Moffat is laying the groundwork for the Christmas special.

Another excellent episode that leaves me anxious for Saturday night's show.

Doctor Who 7.03-A Town Called Mercy

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