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Do You Really Want to Live Forever?

By The Persephone Complex @hollycassell

I’ll be 22 on Sunday. Happy Birthday to me! I always look forward to my birthday; I’m not one of those people that gets all existential and has a total whack-attack looking at old photo albums and reading old love letters, because ISN’T LIFE JUST SO SHORT? and what have you. For me, that’s a Monday afternoon, so I like to spend my birthday eating cake and getting free stuff. I love being in my twenties, but I did have a bit of a panic attack when I had to say goodbye to my teens; along with the rest of the Western world I think I mythologised parts of being a teenager, and so was sort of reluctant to move on. But as I go further into adulthood, sometimes I look around my life and notice how stubborn adolescence really can be. Here are some of the things I can’t let go of, despite being a woman, and not a girl anymore.
my obsession with ballet…
my obsession with Sofia Coppola movies…(when I was 13, I was Cecilia, when I was 14, I was Lux…)
my diary-writing habit…
my sweet-tooth…
my tendency to leave everything in a mess…
my frisson for geeky children’s-character backpacks…
February 2012 429
…and my inability to go dancing without having my face painted. Every. Single. Time.
New Year's Eve Whirly 040(thanks to Marc for stealthily taking this picture while I had my eyes closed! xoxo)

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