Do You Know ? You Can Prepare Your Own HCG Drops

Posted on the 28 July 2016 by Shannon Martin @purehcgdietdrop

There are numerous HCG drops that you can choose to buy online and from pharmaceutical stores. This makes it easier for you to get on with weight loss without the need to prepare the solutions by yourself. But in case you just want to make the hCG drops on your own, then there are important tips to help you get there.

Although it is highly recommended that you get yourself, authentic HCG drops from online stores. This will eliminate errors and inaccuracy when it comes to mixing the solutions. Refer to buying guide for more information

Mixing Process:

What you will need to mix your Sublingual HCG Diet Drops...

  • Alcohol
  • Vial of 5000 iu's of hCG
  • Sodium chloride ("wound wash") or Bacteriostatic water
  • 1 ml Syringe for taking The HCG
  • 10 ml Syringe for mixing The HCG
  • Amber glass bottle

Steps To Follow:

  1. Discharge some of the wound wash into a clean cup, and draw it up into your mixing needle until you have added 8 cc's of this into the glass bottle. Ensure there are no air bubbles in your syringe. Then take a final 2 cc's and add it to the hCG vial. Roll the vial to mix, doing it gently as possible and then add it back to your sterile container. You will now have 5000 iu's of hCG mixed with 10 cc's of fluid. A recommended starting dose is 150 iu which is 30 units or .3 cc.
  2. You are not allowed to eat or drink anything for 15 minutes before and after taking the dose. Draw up .3 cc's using your dosing syringe, and release the mixture under your tongue. Then hold it there for a good 5 minutes, after which you will swallow what is left.
  3. You are supposed to dose 2 times per day, at approximately 12 hours apart. Don't worry too much if you are off by an hour or two; it is still fine.

0.15 cc = 75 IU per dose, x2 = 150 IU daily (66 doses - 33 days)
0.2 cc = 100 IU per dose, x2 = 200 IU daily (50 doses - 25 days)
0.25 cc = 125 IU per dose, x2 = 250 IU daily (40 doses - 20 days)
0.3 cc = 150 IU per dose, x2 = 300 IU daily (33 doses - 16 days)

Lastly, to ensure you get the best results, mix only pure hCG that contains the real hormone. By mixing this by yourself, you will ascertain that you are using the best hCG drops

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