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Do You Know That Cigarettes Kills?

By Familyfriends @familyfriends_

Do you know that cigarettes kills, did anyone tell you in school that drugs are addictive? Do you have the awareness of the danger to play with guns; it can kill you, or someone else. Do you know that too much fast food can get you overweight? Have you ever heard someone telling you that fruit and vegetables are good for your body? That they store lots of vitamins and minerals which are good for you Do you know that your mind and body need rest every night and that you will be tired and find it hard to concentrate if you don’t sleep enough.

Power of words

Do you know that a walk in the woods or in the mountains helps you to develop creative thoughts, helps you to calm down. Do you know there are movies that are not appropriate for children to watch? Do you know that you need water to survive, that you need food to survive? So obvious, yet people use cigarettes and drugs. People do eat too much fast food. People still go to bed to late and complains about not enough sleep. Still we need to be reminded about the importance of the right choices!

”The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” Proverbs 18:21 (NIV)

Do you know that words have power over death and life? Do you know that you can plant good seeds in your children’s future by telling them how much they are loved, how perfect they are in the your eyes. By telling them what you felt the first time you hold them in your arms, you speaking purpose, love and strength into their life’s. Your words help them to believe for the impossible. Fathers Do you know that every time you tell your wife that you love her, you give your daughters a guideline for what to look for in their own searching for the right one. And you teach you sons how to respect and treat their future wife’s, you teach them the way you act and behave towards your wife. Even though you don’t want to or not.

Wife’s, do you know that the way you talk to and about your husband teach your daughters how to use the power of words with love, compassion and truth. You teach them how to respect their future husbands and what is important to talk about and not. You teach them also when you don’t say anything at all.

“Speaking is silver and silence is golden.”

You also teach you sons what kind of girl they should look for. Sometimes it say more about a person what they don’t say than what they actually say.

1. We need to understand the importance of how we behave towards one and another as parents, we are teaching them all the time? If you are a mom would you like your son to live a life with someone like you, and dad would you like your daughter to be married to someone who act like you towards her mum?

2. We need to understand how we can plant beautiful seed into our children’s future, by loving our husbands and wife’s in both words and actins.

3. If we feel that we are in need of some behavior change, IT IS POSSIBLE! The Holy Spirit is always up for it and would love to show and help you where to start.

So obvious but still we need to remind ourselves and our children of the importance of the right choices we need to make everyday!

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