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Do You Forgive What Has Been Done to You?

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

letting-go1So what I would be doing is holding onto something that was done to me and keep that alive taking away from my present moment.. consumed with what? anger, resentment, pain, frustration, etc.. isn’t that the same thing as infecting myself with a disease. Even my actions will be altered in not letting go or forgiving. How is that doing anything but not allow my actions that are here to be myself and my sense of being diminished and taken away from me? At when do I accept the responsibility and accept the love within myself to simply state I am only human and let this go.. Do you see the strength of love that is in that?

Not letting go only allows me to make the present moment not something I can experience and only makes the now the most uncomfortable place there is.. I continually fell into that.. but it was a simple stream of what if I let it go? How powerful is that? What would I become? What could I become with letting this very simple thread design my existence instead? Wouldn’t all my love be embedded in trust because I made this simple choice. Weigh the truth of what you are stating is forgiveness now realize you are going to hold onto what?

The thin air of words that are left on top of any scare you may have.. Which hurts still? The words or the scare or even the labeling you placed on the scar the story of the scar? Words have the power to keep you from anything especially the love you are and can experience in this moment. Create the void in thought to see it for what it is.. A simple choice to forgive all things, without it you will have your existence altered and for what? What will you be if you keep it?

Great question… simple answer!


How deep is your love?

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