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Do You Find Yourselves Arguing About Discipline?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


Do you find yourselves arguing about discipline?



Do you and your partner share the same thoughts and ideas when it comes to discipline? Can you both agree when and how to discipline your child? Is one of you more firmer than the other and who is the pushover?

Parenting is difficult, it makes life even harder when mom and dad can not come together to unite as a team to ensure discipline is firm yet fair and most importantly it is carried out.

When one parent is telling a child off, the other should support never underestimate or pet up the child. This sends mixed messages to your child and they will not take the punishment seriously.

Do you find yourselves arguing about discipline? Perhaps you wish your partner would get more involved. Why does keeping your child in check always fall on your shoulders?

When you leave your child home with your partner are you happy knowing that they will enforce the rules if your child misbehaves in your absence? Does your partner think discipline is not needed as its too much hard work and they are much quicker to shout or smack than to think of setting boundaries and consequences?

Who does your child most take notice of ?

Have you sat down with your partner and together decided what boundaries should be put into place?

What discipline method are you to use? Is it one you are both happy to agree with?

Whatever you both agree make sure you are both committed to carrying it out.

Do you find yourselves arguing about discipline? - Leave me a comment to let me know your views.

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