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Do You Feel Safe?

By Albert Wagner @albertwagner4

Do you remember where you were September 11, 2001?
A significant percentage of people usually do if they were old enough.  When bad things happen people take notice, such as the Kennedy assassination.
After the initial shock of September 11 one would naturally think of the likelihood of something like that happening to them.  You might even think you were glad you weren't there and it is unbelievable.
This post looks at human behavior and tragedy. 
People, in general, tend to try to distance themselves from events like these and don't tend to think the same thing would happen to themThis post looks at how people generally tend to think tragic things are not likely in their own life and if the reasons are connected to the supernatural.
Terrorism (such as September 11, 2001)  is a good example of tragedy and terrorism is a reality in America today because it could happen again at any time.  Other examples are traffic accidents, muggings, abductions, shootings, etc. 
People, however, don't like to think it could happen again at any time.
Some reactions to September 11 where "That happened far away", "It only happened once" or "They're not after Cleveland."  In likelihood it makes people feel better to think along these lines as protection.
It would be normal to wonder how likely it is to happen to you.  If you wonder what could have stopped a tragedy, you might even  think of the supernatural, especially at first. ("God must not have wanted to be there then.")
Is there any connection between how likely you think these tragedy are in your life and the supernatural realm?  Is this a false sense of security because people think God is protecting them?
Tragedy In Daily Life
It could be just denial, of course.  Most people are not ready to die in this culture (although some are).
Statistics show about 56,000 people in America are killed each year in traffic accidents.  How many of those 56,000 do you think woke up that morning thinking there was a realistic chance they could die?  It is not likely that many of them did.
Do people think God will protect them from something because they think it is so evil in their own mind?  The thought of so many lives being taken off earth for eternity on September 11 sounds like a lot for a human mind to bear.  "How could God let that happen?", people ask.
People tend to think bad things won't happen to them, but to somebody else.  Why?
1. That's what you want to think.
A person would not want to think something tragic would happen to them.
2. Don't want to let it get to you to affect your life.
If you constantly think about something of this nature it could have significant effects on your life.
3. The mathematical odds are not probable.
The odds of dying in a commercial plane crash are somewhere around 1 in 11 million (11,000,000).
4. If God wills it, it will happen anyways. (It can't be stopped).
Even some people who aren't religious realize you don't live forever and some things might be out of your control.
This brings up another point.
N.I.M.B.Y.  Many people are probably familiar with this phrase, which stands for Not In My Back yard.  People tolerate things until they are directly affected by them.
The 4 points above help distance a person from tragedy until they are directly affected.  The families of those involved in September 11, for example, might have a slightly increased belief that something bad could happen to them.
If you are a Christian believer then you are already prepared.  The Christian death is a beginning and not a just a sad ending. 
Although some Greek philosophers thought tragedy involved pity and fear the Christian view is different.  The Greek view also had to do with something a person can't relate to, which is the same thing as what happens before they are directly affected.
This brings up an interesting point about the Bible.  The Bible does not try to hide that evil is in the world, but rather it shows you how to deal with it.  Instead of distancing yourself from it you learn what to do.  A supernatural view might be helpful when looking at tragedy.
Author Commentary
For the average person the expectation of tragedy does not have to do with the supernatural.  The role of tragedy can be significant in looking at meaning in life.
There are a variety of reasons that people don't think tragedy would happen to them directly (traffic accident, murder, etc.). 
It is easier to distance yourself from tragedy, like September 11, but a Christian is prepared for tragedy and understands it is part of God's will.  A Christian is prepared for more if unthinkable things happen because they know God is working.  Few human lives go by without tragedy.
It would be a false sense of security to believe God won't let these things happen to you.
The opinion of the author is a person should be aware that bad things can happen to them, also, but not to the point of affecting your daily life in a negative way.
Do you feel safe? 
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Do you feel safe?
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