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Do You Believe You Can Fly?

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

sexyangelIf I don’t think about my problems my life is going to fall apart…


This statement is not only profound it causes more fear, anguish, and procrastination than is necessary. This is not confused with focused thinking as focus thinking is to deal with something in the moment.  If this is something that has you looking at it as a deer would look into the headlights you are not alone.  This human condition not only continues to age us most of the time it ages you all the time when you are trapped within it.


You miss it.. you are stopped in time for this split moment to realize you are not your mind.. never have been, never will be. You are this moment. Enjoy it more not because you have to stop to think about it, but because you have done enough one way now time to go another way.


Have you ever skydived before? do you remember the feeling you had when you first jumped.. or even if you haven’t can you imagine that feeling… let’s say you weren’t the person that witnessed the parachute being put together… would you trust it? would you need a reason to not jump… this feeling is the feeling of something that you aren’t knowing what is going to happen… the thoughts that go through your mind are screaming at you.. but if you are a feeling person… you wouldn’t second guess it… would you?


what is the difference between this experience and learning to let go of the thoughts the mind can bring you and the other part which is what do I do with this feeling in me now.. how do I distinguish the difference between what is real and what is mind made… How do I stand here alone.. alone I will stand.. (tears)


I am evolving again in my heart… my heart that hurts.. that bleeds an pumps blood regularly.. the door knob has been turned yet I feel this overwhelming sadness of opening the door.. so here I stand with my hand on the knob knowing that I have turned it to open it.. do I open it.. what is on the other side? why is fear and pain so great right now… you ever been here? what did you do? did you run? did you hide? did you let go of the door knob?


Imagine if you will… this is what your mind says on any given moment you will do something great or something incredible.  It may be bad or good. Just realize this is not living if you are making choices in the mind while standing still…  Free yourself to fly.  We all have wings we just seem to stand still while expanding them trying to decide if they work or not…


Love deeply….

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