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Do Tell

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz
Do Tell
Adrienne of What Lola Wants gave me this award. Thank you, amiga for passing this Tell Me About Yourself Award on to me. Instead of a trophy, I get to share 7 random facts. So put this on your mantel:
7 Random Facts: 
  1. I don't drive a car.
  2. I am most definitely a "Cat Person."
  3. My favorite vegetable is the humble potato.
  4. I love shopping at Target.
  5. I dislike wearing socks. Except when it's cold.
  6. Right now, I'm into listening to this SONG
    NOW Rinse and Repeat.
  7. Coffee is my religion.
This is award is now bestowed to: 

Do Tell

Look Ma! I'm in the funny papers! The Citizen Rosebud gets a shout-out in local weekly.

Another recent accolade received was a mention in the annual "Best Of" issue of the Sacramento News & Review. My kudos is in the catagory for Best Twitter Feed. I tied second place with our celebrity mayor, the former basketball star, and now City Hall employee, Mayor Kevin Johnson. So T'ANKS Sac News & Review for the honor! 
So if you want to get a taste of my near- award-winning twitter feed, be sure to follow me: @citizenrosebudz
Here are my 5 easy tips for tweeting: 
  1. Keep it TASTY. Soundbites are short, pithy and memorable communiques that are easy to understand. This is Twitter at its best. 
  2. Re-tweet the SWEET. What I'm saying is: SHARE the love. Talking only about yourself on twitter is b-o-r-i-n-g. Just like in real life. Take some time to share other people's projects, links and relevant information.
  3. Be a TWEETHEART. Show appreciation. Say Thank-you. Shout out. Acknowledging the folks that support you is good manners, and it feels nice.
  4. Be YOURSELF. Just do it in an interesting way.
  5. Promote the QUOTE. People LOVE a good quote. When you find one, share it on Twitter!

Do Tell

Let me call you Tweetheart. Oh darlin', I tweet. A LOT. @citizenrosebudz

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