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Do-nothing Congress, About to Do Even Less

Posted on the 02 July 2014 by Morage @kebmebms

I can hardly believe the depths to which this Congress will sink and is sinking in its ability and seeming desire to do as near nothing as possible.
This is the latest and it's about to hit the states:

Federal Highway Funds Depleting As Congress Stall

Here's what's going on.  The Right Wing and Republican Congress, first, doesn't want this president to be anything near remotely successful during his term, nation be damned, let's be clear about that right up front.
But second, again, the Right Wing and the Republicans, mostly because of their Tea Party people--you know, the "tail wagging the dog"--also don't want the US to spend any money, even if it's responsible spending.
So what this boils down to right now is that this Congress doesn't want to do one of their duties and fund the Highway trust fund for the nation. You know? The one that would build and repair our roads, highways, bridges and so forth?  One of the big things that makes up our infrastructure.
Added to our troubles is that we have increased spending on this trust fund for 21 years by increasing the amount its taxed so we have less and less money in the fund, period.  So all those bridges that need repair and updating and so on?  They've gone and they're going neglected, to all of our disadvantage.  Everyone knows, the longer you put off repair, the worse it gets and so, naturally, the more it will also cost us, ultimately.
So the rocket scientists in Congress aren't doing their jobs--again--and aren't working on repairing the funding for our highways and so on, so we can repair all that infrastructure.
This is downright dangerous.
It's certainly irresponsible.
Some might even point out the sheer laziness of it.
And besides needing the repair work, President Obama pointed out something else so true and potentially helpful for the nation:

Obama: U.S. will lose jobs without highway fund

We have to ask, how do you NOT fund your highway system?   How can we do that?  And the answer is, of course, we can't not. We have to.  Anything else would be irresponsible to the point of insanity.
Please, contact your members of the House and Senate and tell them to get to work as soon as possible to fund our highways with the highway fund:

Find and contact your Congress members

That is, of course, as soon as they get back from their long Independence Day holiday they're about to set off on.

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