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Do Not Be Afraid

By Ldsapologetics
The phrase "Do not be afraid" or "Be ye not afraid" appears 365 times in the Bible. One could argue that's enough for a daily reminder to live life fearlessly.
To me it's a reminder that if we have faith in The Lord we will fear nothing, not saying we will be in love with horrible things but that we won't fear knowing The Lord has a plan for us, that what happens happens for a reason.
Jesus asked that the bitter cup pass from Him. But He accepted The Lords will above His own and He was crucified but He did not seem to be afraid of it, He did not back pedal or renounce His teachings. He faced His fate head on and without fear. 
Throughout the Roman Empire, early Christians were killed by crucifixion or by being burned alive to serve as torches. They were killed by lions in the coliseums but they were mostly unafraid. The Romans commented on how peacefully these Christins met their death. 
Everyone of the first twelve Apostles, except Judas, met their death at the hands of those they preached to. They knew that preaching the Gospel might get them killed but the were not afraid and they preached and taught as The Lord asked them to.
Daniel was put in a den of lions but his faith was in The Lord and the lions left him alone. He was under the protection of God. But there was also the furnace he and Meshac, Shadtach and saved ego were ordered into a furnace yet they were soared and did not die as all others who were sent in did.
Again these men were full of faith that the  Lords will would be done and they were at peace with that.
Do Not Be Afraid

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