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Do-It-Yourself Turbocharger Turbojet

By Futli @futlim

This is a run-up of my home built turbocharger turbojet engine. Long, but maybe of some interest to other engine builders. It is quite old now and dated somewhat and I now know far more about jet engines than I did then. Please go easy on me guys… It is my first video! I would like to issue a challenge to all fellow Do it Yourself Turbojet engine builders and brushless electric R/C park flyer hobbiests/manufacturers out there. Please comment and discuss the feasibility of mounting a small “outrunner” style permanent magnet brushless electric motor to the compressor side of this and similar engines. I realize that shaft harmonics and bearing limitations will play a very significant role in whether or not such a motor/generator combination would hang together at 140000 RPM or more. Of course, associated power electronics with the ability to switch from starter motor to DC generator would need to be designed as well to efficiently (relatively speaking) produce electricity at these ultra high speeds. Such a device would mimic some of the hybrid turbocharger or “electrically assisted turbochargers” that have been developed by Garrett and others in recent years. These have been designed, developed and built to reduce “turbo lag” and recover wasted energy in the form of electricity with the intention of supplementing the charging system in vehicles. They have not quite made it to market yet in any production vehicles that I know of. I am crossing my fingers! A hybrid

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