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Do Children Need Rules?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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Do Children Need Rules?

I am the mother to six rather adorable little creatures and they are at their best when they are fast asleep. Trust me we need rules and firm boundaries in place in our house or all hell would brake loose.

Children need boundaries and without rules they would run riot.

I do try to stay firm and stick to the rules but of course when there is constant whining or tantrum throwing I have been known to give in, none the less when I am sticking to my guns then no means no and actions have consequences.

I would not say I am a strict parent but I do like to think that my children are brought up around good guidelines and this means setting house rules.

I think the children react well to rules and the boundaries laid out for them, they are less likely to play up with bad behavior when they are aware of what is tolerated and what is not.

I came across an article online that read;

A child also needs to learn that the world isn’t black and white, that when they are old enough to have to make moral decisions of their own, they can’t just fall back on behaving as their parents would or obeying a strict authority just because it is the easiest way.

This made me think…

I do think that children learn from their parents, as a responsible parent I want to give my kids the best possible start in life and I want them to grow into sensible, thoughtful and caring adults. I believe the rules and boundaries I have in place benefit them and teach them that life is not all about them getting what they want and that we have to follow rules in the real world.

What do you think – Do Children Need Rules?

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