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Do a “one-80″!

By Familyfriends @familyfriends_

You have probably heard and even told your self that change takes time. I order to change you must be patient and focused. But is that true for all changes we need to do? And do we take the changes we need to do in our life’s serious?

Do a “one-80″!

In my own life I have many times come to a point where I realized that I needed a change. Some times it have been my kids or my wife that in one way or the other have shown or told me. And even times when God clearly told me what to do! I have been shown what needs to be changed, then I have to make a decision if I want to act on it or not. Perhaps sometimes we think, “what do I gain from this change or how big effort will it take”. It can be anything from eating/exercise, well-being, how you are treating your wife and kids, working to much, working to little, praying to little and so one. We have all heard that changes take time, one step at the time. But is that really true for everything? And does it need to take time, is it just an excuse?

Jesus words is very clear, he said ”I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” Luke 5:32.

The Hebrew term teshuvah (lit. “return”) is used to refer to “repentance”. That means that Jesus calls us to return, not by one step at the time but actually doing a ”one-80” – 180 degrees, turn around and start walking in the other direction. I know that I sometime raise my voice to my children, nothing that I want to do, I want to change. It was when Linda once again reminded me of my voice when I one day was telling my children off, I raised my voice once agin. The I replied to her, “yes I know but you must agree that I am better now”!

What does it help if I am a bit better in not raising my voice, Jesus calls me to turn around, completely. Suddenly I realized that some changes need a ”one-80”, and with the help from the HolySpirit (our Heavenly Personal Trainer) I can do it.

Somethings in life, when we need a change we can actually do it now – today!. I have now decided that my change is coming today, because I can do a ”one-80” through Jesus! I might need to repent and ask for forgiveness. I know that ” raising-my-voice” is not the only issue where I need to repent and and do a completely turnaround.

Do you need to do a “one-80″ today? To ask your wife, husband or children for forgiveness?

We are called to live a life full of love, and adventure so we need to be bold enough to turn around and start doing the right things even if the rest of the world is going the other way. You don’t do a “one-80″ because it feels right, or because everyone else is doing one. You do it because your KNOW its RIGHT!


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