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DKNY Be Desired Review

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
I am a perfume addict but the problem is, I always end up liking a fragrance for about a month and then move on to something else. I get bored easily and am definitely easily distracted... IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! ... See?
I was very lucky to be sent the new DKNY Be Desired EDP and DAYYYUUMMM it smells SO good. Yep, I am being a tad dramatic today because tbh, I'm just in that sort of mood. Maybe the aroma's of the perfume have made me a bit bat shiz cray. Oooh look, pretty colours... Lolz.
This comes in a lime green box and the bottle itself is round and two toned green. Personally, I'm not a huuuge fan of the bottle but that's just a personal preference.
In terms of scent, the first thing I can smell is definitely Grapefruit and orange. It's a subtle but still powerful to know it's there kind of scent. As it 'settles' you can smell blackcurrant and jasmine which I loooove. It smells quite Autumnal but I would say you could wear this throughout the entire year.
For lasting power, I squirted this three times and could smell it all damn day long which was ideal for me because it is a big bottle (100ml) and so carrying it around might have been annoying (hello Travelo!)
I have every intention of taking this to NYC and miiiight buy one as a Christmas gift for my Mum.. Shhh don't tell her.
Have you tried this out?
H x

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