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DIYHomemade Turmeric and Ginger Throat Lozenges

By Shazia @diary_of_a_home

I was alarmed by the agonizing look on DD'S face when she returned from university today. What is it? I asked her is every thing ok? Yes, I just have an extremely sore throat and blocked sinuses.
So my worst fear has come to life, autumn has started to show its effects in the form of sore throats and colds. I headed right into the kitchen to make some turmeric and ginger tea for her. By the time she sipped her ginger tea she already started to feel better. An hour passed by and she was back to the starting point.
So I started making the second cup of ginger tea. My daughter has actually suffered from severe asthma until she was 14 years of age. Thank God we both defeated this horrible desease, actually we are both warriors. With my day and night research on a natural cure and her taking my advice with reluctance and some optimism asthma was gone for ever. So whenever she has a sore throat I am worried that her asthma might  return if I don't take care for her properly. There is always a hidden fear at the back of my mind.
While making the second cup of tea an idea struck my mind. Why not make some homemade turmeric and ginger lozenges for her so that I don't have to make the ginger and turmeric tea for her again and again. Yes, I could have made a big pot but I prefer making fresh tea evey time. So with a recipe for turmeric and ginger lozenges in mind along with making use of my rusted knowledge of herbal science I succeeded in making a batch of these homemade DIY throat lozenges.
These turmeric and ginger throat lozenges are made from all natural ingredients and help keep the throat moist thus easing a sore throat and may help in the expulsion of mucous from the throat. I have used rock candy to make these sore throat lozenges but you can replace it with an equal amount of sugar in the recipe. Apart from using turmeric and ginger I have also used licorice tea to execute this recipe. All three ingredients have benefits which are described below.


The herb turmeric is composed of a substance called curcumin that is basicaly responsible for the anti-inflammatory, anti viral and anti bacterial properties associated with turmeric. Curcumin also relieves congestion caused by cough and cold.
 Meanwhile sprinkle a generous amount of icing sugar on a plate or tray. Make impressions with the knob of a tea pot lid.


Gingerol is the substance responsible for the medicinal properties of ginger. Ginger not only helps in boosting the immune system but also aids the removal of accumalted toxins from the body. Ginger is also a natural decongestent, helping fight throat and respiratory tract infections. It is also the best treatment for expelling phelgm out of the body.


Licorice helps to thin the mucous thus helping it's elimination from the body. Licorice root has anti-inflamatory and decongestant properties. It helps to dilate the air passages so that the oxygen can flow freely. 


rock candy or sugar100g

water1/2 cup

ginger juice1 tsp

turmeric1/2 tsp

licorice tea1/4 cup

icing sugaras needed


 Mix the rock candy along with water, ginger juice and turmeric powder. Also add the licorice tea if using.

 Meanwhile sprinke a generous amount of icing sugar on a plate or tray. Make impressions with the knob of a tea pot lid. This will form moulds for the candy. (got this idea while surfing online)

Cook until the sugar candy is completely dissolved and the mixture begans to thicken. as shown in the picture.

Drop the candy into the round moulds with the help of a spoon. The candy will be transparent but will become opaque after being coated with icing sugar.

Let the candy cool and then remove from the moulds and store in a jar. Use as needed. 

Nota Bene

 I am not a medical doctor or registered dietician. Always consult with your GP when using herbs as some herbs may interact with medications. Don't use licorice tea if you are suffering from high blood pressure. 

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