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DIY - the Studded Collar Craze!

By Ziamisra

And as promised, here is the second DIY that I was wanting to rock since loooong!!! - the studded collar.I have been seeing this on so many blogs and videos and obviously in stores that I decided to try it out myself....and here's what you will need if you want to try it out too...I made two versions - the detachable one and the one that's on the shirt itself...For the detachable one..I started with an old shirt collar; i chose cream because I wanted one with dark sequins but you can chose any color (make sure its not printed though but one solid color). Cut it off along the length of the collar leaving enough margin so that you can sew it back in once you are done to make it more neat and tidy.I got the black sequined laces from a local craft store for as little as 8 Rs/m  I chose to work with 2 different types but you can decide what you want - you can do it uniformly with one type of lace all over or you can chose a mix of different lace patterns and maybe similar hues like black and metallic gray.

DIY - the studded collar craze!

Start your work on flat surface, make sure you use old newspapers underneath because it is messy when you are using glue - start out by laying your collar flat out and applying fabric glue in a straight line from the outer corner.

DIY - the studded collar craze!
Start by sticking on the lace as explained & shown above. Once you have filled in the whole collar, let the piece dry for atleast 24 hours before you smoothen out the rough parts and stitch the extra fabric. And there you have it, your studded neckpiece is almost complete - all it needs is some setting time and final tucking in with a thread and a needle and its all set. I am just posting a pic of how mine looked after I was done - it needs to be worked on as I said:) but just for you to have an idea!
DIY - the studded collar craze!
The other one is pretty simple - I started out with a plain white shirt on which I added the broad sequined lace - this one I directly sewed onto the shirt collar since it was broad and could hold the needle & thread. This is how it turned out - you can experiment with golden or silver or even multicolored sequins for your DIY!            Happy crafting!
DIY - the studded collar craze!

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