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DIY: Ombre Nails

By Fetesvosyeux

Hello dear,
I'm sorry for my absence. I was living the good life in Paris (i will show you some pictures soon). As for now i leave you with a post about something that caught my eye. Ombre nails. If you don't already know what ombre/ombre-ing is, it's basically a graduation of colour, starting from dark to light, or light to dark, in the same tone of colours or completely different. From hair (i already did a post about this), to fingertips (thank you fashionata & song of style), ombre came and conquered (slighty an exaggeration, but i'm so excited about this ombre trend (especially for ombre is such a funny funny word).DIY: ombre nailsThere are two styles of Ombre nails to note, one where you paint your nails from dark to light, beginning with the darkest on the thumb then gradually getting lighter and lighter to the pinky finger.
DIY: ombre nailsDIY: ombre nailsDIY: ombre nailsThe second, and my favorite, is a gradient effect on each nail using the ombre technique of dark to light. 
DIY: ombre nails
DIY: ombre nails

DIY: ombre nails

sources: fashionata, songofstyle, weheartit

DIY: ombre nails
 I haven't tried this myself (yet) so i decided to let Mister youtube help me.
For the first ombre style i selected this video:

For the second ombre style i selected this video. It has the most annoying song ever so i suggest you put them speakers off.

As for the products i suggest OPI, it is not tested on animals and their colours are really amazing. They cost about 15 €. For those of you who cannot afford this, Kruidvat has a nice range of nailpolishes (especially catrice (for only 2,50 €) i already told you about this here.
DIY: ombre nails

Let me know when you try it.
DIY: ombre nails

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