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DIY Light Up Christmas Jumper #Blogmas

By Megan Daly @__MissMeg__

Let’s be honest, you can’t go anywhere in Dublin now at the minute without running into a shop without coming across a ton of Christmas jumpers… and when I was in Penneys during the week I came across some AMAAAAZING ones that lit up. And some really adorable ones that didn’t. The lit up ones cost €22 and the plain ones cost around €12… but the cute little gingerbread one that I loved didn’t light up. So I bought it anyway and decided to MAKE it light up. Here’s my very easy D.I.Y. tutorial on how to make your own light up Christmas jumper!

What you’ll need:
Christmas Jumper
Fairy Lights (Battery Operated)
Darning Needle

Time Taken: 15/20 minutes max.

The fairy lights I used cost €1.50 from an euro store & need AA batteries to operate.

(NOTE: I haven’t gone up in flames yet, but if that occurs after following this tutorial, don’t hold me liable!)

1. Buy your non-flashing boring Christmas jumper. Prepare to make it awesome.

2. Get your tools ready.

3. If your jumper is tightly knitted, use a darning needle to push a little gap around where you want the LED light to show through. On some jumpers this won’t be necessary though as with a bit of pressure you should be able to work it through and won’t the risk of making the hole too big in case it falls out again.

4. Thread all your lights through around the jumper. Just to be safe I used some white thread and the needle to secure the lights with a little stitch on each, because some of the holes I accidentally made were too large and the lights slipped out.

(Remember to leave the battery pack at the bottom with some leeway on the lead so you can pop it in your pocket easily!)

This literally took me less than 20 minutes to do and I am more than happy with the results, I have a ton of Christmas jumpers but I think this one is now my favorite.

Have you any D.I.Y. projects you want to try this Christmas? This is the second post in my #Blogmas series so I have a few more tutorials coming up over the run up to Christmas. If you’re doing the #Blogmas challenge, let me know so I can check out your posts


DIY Light Up Christmas Jumper #Blogmas

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