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DIY Kid's Cardboard Market Stand

By Peaceloveorganicmom
DIY Kid's Cardboard Market StandI recently ordered something online that came in a huge box. When my oldest daughter saw it, the possibilities seemed endless for what we would create! She ultimately decided on a market stand which was super easy to make and ready to play with in about an hour. DIY Kid's Cardboard Market StandTo make the market stand, we took our box and first opened up all sides to make it flat. We then cut out a square in the tallest side to make a window for the stand. To stabilize the window and prevent it from tipping over we added some extra cardboard to the front (see the under the yellow dots in photo above) and the back.
DIY Kid's Cardboard Market StandNext, we added shelves by using cardboard tabs that were attached to the sides of the original box. We taped these to the front and used small pieces of cardboard in between each shelf to stabilize.
We added a piece of cardboard to the front and back of the window for the "customers" and "cashier". We simply taped this to the center piece. Lastly, we decorated the stand, added the food, and played! DIY Kid's Cardboard Market Stand

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