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DIY: Honey and Sea Salt Face Scrub

By Jeneille @jinjer25
DIY: Honey and Sea Salt Face ScrubDIY: Honey and Sea Salt Face Scrub
I'm on a bit of a health kick lately when it comes to my skin. I've been taking supplements geared towards healthy skin and hair and trying as much as I can to use products that are all natural or home-made. A friend of mine mentioned sea-salt and honey as a good facial scrub so I decided to give it a try. I know that honey has many healing properties which include helping to get rid of pimples, reducing scars and is often used to treat wounds/burns. I used coarse sea-salt and normal honey (blend) but i think you're supposed to use raw honey.
Now I don't have pictures of what I did but it's really simple. I took a bit of the sea-salt, mixed about a tea-spoon of honey with it and applied it to my wet face....and then I massaged it in for about one (1) minute *licks face* I then washed my face off and patted it dry with a clean towel.
Now first off my skin feels bloody smooth!!! Even now, touching my skin it feels amazing. To be honest, I didn't even want to moisturize because of how good my skin felt but I did anyway. Plus it smells amazing! Definitely something that you should try in your skin-care routine.

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