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DIY Hardcover Necklace Holder

By Whollykao @whollyKao

DIY hardcover necklace holderLast month, I made these hardcover book displays to show off my wares at the Renegade Craft Fair, I meant to post this tutorial earlier, but didn’t get a chance to. So here it is!

These hardcover books were a fun and inexpensive way to hang necklaces. They can also be used at home for a personal necklace collection, since each set of nails fits a couple necklaces. How cute would they look on a dresser?!

what you’ll need:
-hardcover books (I got fabric-covered ones for $1 each at Half Price Books here in Dallas. You can also pick up cheap books at yard and library sales).
-1.5-inch long gold nails with flat backs (you choose the gauge you’d like)
-gold hex nuts (same gauge as your nails)
-power drill
-masking tape


DIY hardcover necklace holder
Mark the drill holes. I used a ruler to make sure each set of holes were equally spaced and level.

Drill. Use a drill bit that’s the same size or slightly bigger than your screws. Take the back cover of the book and move it out of the way so that you are only drilling through the front cover and the pages of the book. Tape the front cover and pages together with more masking tape, then drill. I’d recommend drilling through a phone book, or something equally sturdy. I did mine on top of a cardboard box, and the drill holes came out all wonky. So don’t do that.

Screw your screws through the book, using a screwdriver if needed. If you want to hold more necklaces, let more of the screw show through the front cover. To stabilize the screws, apply the hex nuts at the back of the book (inside the back cover).

You now have a necklace holder! The back cover serves as a ‘kickstand’ for the display. And the screws are always adjustable, in case you decide you want to hold more necklaces on it. You can also drill a hole lower on your book to hold bracelets or rings. Now you just have to find the perfect spot to display this piece!

DIY hardcover necklace holder
DIY hardcover necklace holder
For extra-long necklaces, hold the necklace in place by wrapping the chain around each nail a couple time.

DIY hardcover necklace holder
DIY hardcover necklace holder

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