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DIY Ghostbusters Halloween Costume

By Designerdaddy @DesignerDaddy

At some point I may do a write up of how I turned my occasionally mild-manners son into Egon Spengler, the nerdiest of those superhero/super-scientists known as the Ghostbusters. But for now I’m just going to share the photos of my very happy little boy. And go take a nap…

DIY Ghostbusters Halloween costume

Who you gonna call? THIS GUY, striking an impressive pose in his Dad-DIY Ghostbusters Halloween costume. And next year he’s going as Jonathan Lipnicki in Jerry Maguire.

DIY Ghostbusters Halloween costume

Yup, the proton pack “shooter” lights up. BOOM! I’m BEST DAD EVER. Until two minutes later…“Did you do a ghost trap?!?”

DIY Ghostbusters Halloween costume

The back of the proton pack is where it’s at. I simplified it from the original, of course. And Jon was sure to tell me that the “real” ones don’t have a big red button on the back. But I wanted to make sure it would withstand a full day of preschool and full night of trick-or-treating. Fingers crossed… BUT NOT THE STREAMS!

Happy Halloween everybody!

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