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DIY: Easy Easter Entertaining

By Linsibrownson @CleverSpark
Chocolate-Covered Peeps are easy and fun to make!

"Dining with one's friends and beloved family is certainly one of life's primal and most innocent delights, one that is both soul-satisfying and eternal." - Julia Child

I got a text message from my sister last week asking me about our plans for Easter. We don’t have children so the holidays usually sneak up on me. I decided to jump on the internet for a bit and try to find some easy and cute ideas that I could use at our celebration this year. Since the nieces and nephews are sure to get their fair share of sugary sweets from the Easter Bunny, I thought I could find a few stand-out ideas that would be unique enough to stand alone.

My hands-down favorite idea are the Chocolate-Covered Peeps. They are colorful, fun and quite frankly, I’ve never seen anything like them. They are also a good idea for families who choose not to dye eggs or who just want an alternative to their kitchen smelling of vinegar or dealing with pesky dye stains.

The Easter Bunny Rolls are also something that I plan to make. I don’t bake too often, but the idea of not having these little guys at the table is almost more than I can stand! I will make them a day ahead of time so I will have the opportunity to make another batch should I have, shall we say, technical difficulties.

However you choose to celebrate Easter (or just spring in general) the idea is to bring the vibrancy and freshness of the season indoors.  More importantly, it is a time to gather with friends and family and share in the joys of love and true affection.

Happy Spring Crafting!



Chocolate-Covered Peeps

Easter and Peeps are almost synonymous. They were created by Russian immigrant Sam Born in 1953 and have been a staple in Easter baskets ever since. This easy DIY from Leigh Ann at Your Homebased Mom, gives instructions on how to create the cute little critters, as well as how to transform them into Chocolate-Covered Peep Pops and even (gasp!) Peep S’mores! These make a great special addition to the kids’ baskets and will be equally oogled and eaten at the office — just prepare your ego for the onslaught of Martha Stewart comparisons.

Spring Vegetable Centerpiece

I’ll admit it. When I first saw this centerpiece on Blomstervekstad, I thought that it was a collection of foil-wrapped chocolate candies on a bed of moss. When I clicked on the image I soon discovered that they were baby onions, Brussels sprouts and cabbages. Brilliant! This is really a jumping-off-point kind of DIY. Simply find a cake stand, bowl or basket and fill it with moss, then top it with whatever spring-themed items you wish. You could use candy, vegetables or even eggs. Using candy in the centerpiece encourages interaction among the guests and kids will simply love it. I have also seen some plastic and paper-mache eggs this season that are totally display worthy. Go forth and be creative!

Colored String Egg Swag

Cute Easter decorations can cost an arm and a leg these days. Why pay exorbitant prices for something that you can make for a few dollars and some time at the craft table? This adorable (and easy) egg swag from Creativeblog can be made with three simple items: string, glue and balloons. Most if not all of these supplies are probably in your home right now! You can use one color of string or several colors depending on your budget. A variety of color gives a festive punch to your decor, while one overall color will make a bigger statement. For a simple, rustic look, use white or neutral-colored string.

Easter Bunny Rolls

Whether you are a seasoned baker or have no idea what a rolling pin looks like, you can serve these adorable bunny rolls at your gathering using your method of choice. TasteOfHome lays out detailed instructions and a tasty-sounding savory recipe that will compliment any Easter brunch or dinner. If your kitchen skills are more suited to the “pre-made” arena, you’re in luck. These will work just as well with a store-bought mix or canned dough (your only task is to keep them from burning).

Decorating With Branches

Sometimes all you want is a simple, clean floral arrangement without all of the fuss, mess and expense that flowers bring. Kelly Bernier of RestylingHome.com is a big fan of using branches, and gives a great selection of ideas on her blog, as well as tips on how to force branches into bloom. Luckily for me, cherry, dogwood and Bradford pear trees are all blooming in my area of Alabama, as are forsythia and lilac bushes. All you need are a few empty vases and containers and you can create a stunning collection of nature’s beauty right in your living room.

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