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DIY Christmas Card Your Child Can Make

By Sangeetha

Today I will share with you a DIY Christmas card which your kid can make with your guidance.

DIY Christmas Card Your Child Can Make

Have you been making a wish for your friends, family and relatives this Christmas?

Festivals hold a lot of importance to build and mould our children in social and religious aspects. Let's give the little ones a chance to get involved in the festive preparations. This Christmas, let's buffer an hour more to clean up the mess and organize things. Because in return, we are inculcating values and morals, we are igniting the festive spirit.

We have never seen the real Santa, but we know for the fact that he is someone who spreads smiles and happiness. It's already the time for the candles to be lit, snowflakes to snow, stockings to be filled with surprises, homes to be decorated with Christmas star and lights.

With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to bake the plum cake, prepare wine and delicacies for our loved ones. It's time to hand over a bagful of wishes and choicest blessings for our near and dear ones.

Let's say it with DIY Christmas cards.

Greeting cards are a great way to deliver wishes. I'm sure the kids will love to involve in making a card for friends and relatives for Christmas.

Here are tips to dress up your kiddo as Santa and 10 wonderful Christmas ideas for babies.

Step by step easy DIY Christmas card:

This greeting card can be done by preschoolers and kids under the supervision of adults. As it involves use of scissors you can help your kid with the cutting part and let him do the rest of the steps.

Things required:
  • Colored hard paper - Size A3, Black and Blue
  • Colored craft papers
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Black sparkle pen
  • Double gum tape
  • Cotton layer

Here goes the step by step instructions to make the cute Christmas card.

Step 1: Fold into half the black hard paper and the blue hard paper. Paste the blue hard paper inside the black one.

DIY Christmas Card Your Child Can Make

Step 2: From the craft sheets, cut out colorful Christmas props like snowflakes, stockings, Santa's stick, gifts, candles, bells etc. Anything that you can think of. Don't forget, not to keep the props blank. Draw textures, shapes, lines etc on each of them.

DIY Christmas Card Your Child Can Make

Step 3: Cut out shape of a cap out of a red craft paper. Cut circle out of a skin colored craft paper (For Santa's face). Cut out shapes of beard, hair and moustache from the cotton layer. Now, start making Santa Claus on the top of the front of greeting card.

DIY Christmas Card Your Child Can Make

Step 4: With a double sided tape, start sticking props in the surrounding to give them an embossed effect. In the centre, paste a message stating "It's Christmas" OR "Merry Christmas"

DIY Christmas Card Your Child Can Make

Step 5: Inside the card, draw snowflakes raining with the glitter pen. You may also add your own creativity and design the background accordingly.

DIY Christmas Card Your Child Can Make

Step 6: Write your Christmas message on a piece of colored paper. Cut it into a desired shape and paste it inside the greeting above the snowflakes background.

Step 7: Decorate the message with sparkles, glitters or colors of your choice.

DIY Christmas Card Your Child Can Make

Finally, write "To" and "From" with concerned names. You may also make an envelope for the greeting card.

You may choose to decorate with desired sizes, shapes, colors, and layouts.

Have you thought of any more DIY ideas for this Christmas? I guess you are all set to try out this super simple DIY Christmas card.

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Do share your diy christmas crafts, christmas decorations and creations with us

DIY Christmas Card Your Child Can Make

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year ahead.

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