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DIY April Fool Photo Props

By Lucy @TheThingsWeDO3


The coffee shop in my neighborhood was celebrating one year of being in business on the 1, April. The guys asked me to think of a cheap and funny way to entertain their visitors on this day, keeping in mind that the 1, April is the April’s Fool Day. So I have offered to make fun photo props for them, so that coffee lovers could shoot funny pictures on their favorite spot’s holiday. Since we were a little short of time, I’ve decided not to invent the bicycle and after some googling decided to make a moustache, a beard, red lips, a couple of funny glasses and a speech bubble with the words “I love #coffee_kiosk”.

So below you can find a very quick and simple tutorial.


– cardboard or foam sheet

– color paper

– scissors

– duck tape

– glue

– chopsticks

I have sketched the talk bubble shapes alongside with the small heart and red lips.  And for glasses, moustache and beard shapes I have used the free pattern from here.

And below you can find the speech bubble, lips and heart pattern template, which I have sketched by hand:



Step 1 Print the templates and cut out the shapes.

DIY April Fool Photo Props

Step 2 Trace the shapes with the pencil on the color paper and cut them out.

DIY April Fool Photo Props

Step 3 Glue the shapes cut from the color paper to the cardboard or foam sheet and cut out again

DIY April Fool Photo Props

Step 4 Use double sided tape (or glue) to attach chopsticks to the back of each prop.

DIY April Fool Photo Props

Step 5 ( for speech bubble) For the coffee shop 1 year celebration we also needed a talk bubble saying ‘I <3 #coffee_kiosk’. So I used a blue marker to write ‘ I ‘ and ‘ #coffee_kiosk ‘ and glued the red cardboard heart in the middle of the phrase.

DIY April Fool Photo Props
DIY April Fool Photo Props


DIY April Fool Photo Props

DIY April Fool Photo Props




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