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DIY Alphabet Boxes

By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
As I mentioned before Derin shows a great interest in letters at the moment. I didn't want to miss his sensitive period so I decided to make alphabet boxes for him.
In Montessori education letters are not introduced in their order within the alphabet. They are introduced in an order that allows the child to make many words with the letters that s/he has learned. You can read more about it at Deb's blog Living Montessori Now.
There are variations among Montessorians; I decided to use the order Tim Seldin's order. He is the writer of How to Raise an Amazing Child and this book is a great introduction to the Montessori education.
 First set: c m a t
 Second set: s r i p
 Third set: b f o g
 Fourth set: h j u l
 Fifth set: d w e n
 Sixth set: k q v x y z
 I enjoyed preparing the first set. I simply sourced some small toys/objects from around the house and put them in a box.
DIY Alphabet Boxes
C is for CarCatCakeCup
DIY Alphabet Boxes
 M is for  MarbleMagnetMouseMedal
DIY Alphabet Boxes
 A is forAppleAlienAirplane
DIY Alphabet BoxesT is for TreeTeaTriangleToucanTiger
I put the boxes on the shelf and when Derin shows interest, we take a box. Sound the letter, trace the the sandpaper letters which he LOVES and say the name of each object.
I am planning to find more objects but if I can't find them I am planning to use  pictures. If you'd like to prepare alphabet boxes but don't have sandpaper letters,you can use foam or magnetic letters,stickers,whatever is easy for you. 

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